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SingleStore for Laravel

A masterclass in using SingleStore to supercharge your Laravel applications

The course isn't ready yet, but I will notify you when it is.

You'll learn how to scale out, split data & achieve rapid speed.
Why am I here?

I got tired of MySQL headaches and needed something faster and more scalable. So we ditched MySQL, Redis and DynamoDB, moved everything to SingleStore, and are now able to achieve hyper-scale and performance we’d never imagined.

How fast are we talking?

Great question. Well let's take a look at a query.

SELECT SUM(pageviews) FROM pageviews

Let’s run it over a sample data set of 5 billion rows.

It takes just 1.49 seconds to complete.

Incredible, right?

You have my attention, tell me more!

I'm building a course to show you how to use SingleStore with Laravel. As with my previous course, I will save you time and help you skip past all of the gotchas. And this course is specifically for using SingleStore in the Laravel ecosystem.

Who is the course for?

This course is for you if you want a faster & more scalable database, and either of the following apply:

  • You are comfortable self-hosting SingleStore (free license)
  • You have the budget for an industry-leading managed service

SingleStore’s managed service, which we use, is unlike any managed database software you’ve ever used, but that incredible service comes at a price.

Keep in mind that you can drop Redis, DynamoDB and MySQL when moving to SingleStore.

Who is teaching this course?

That would be me, Jack Ellis. I’m the cofounder and CTO of Fathom Analytics and I brought awareness of SingleStore to the Laravel community by writing about my experiences scaling Laravel with SingleStore.

Is there a presale that offers a discount?

Yes. The course will come with multiple tiers, and I am currently offering a presale discount on the top tier of the course here.

In addition, I've spoken with the powers that be at SingleStore and I will also be providing any new users of SingleStore with $1,000 in managed service credits.

Do you have any free resources in the meantime?